With 12 years of excellence in the event industry, our expertise spans all types of events like Weddings, Corporate, Social and Mice.

What We Do?

At Vajra Events, we expertly plan and execute a variety of social events, including dhoti, saree, and half saree ceremonies, housewarming parties, birthdays,and marriage anniversaries. Our dedicated team ensures each celebration is uniquely personalized and unforgettable.

  • Saree Ceremony
  • Dhothi Ceremony
  • Cradle Ceremony
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • House warming
  • Occasional events

Why Vajra Events?

Vajra Event has scaled great heights, by making weddings memorable for the who’s who of the city. Overseeing and organising grand wedding ceremonies across engagement, haldi, mehendi,wedding and reception, the team has carved a niche and helped create, curate and customise dream weddings. From guest management and hospitality, to event décor, vendor management, artist coordination, sound and lights, special effects and entries, they
handle it all

Series Of Events:


In laughter shared and tears embraced, Their authenticity, brightly traced. For in this moment, truth shines bright, In love’s sweet dance, both day and night.


With every touch, a whispered prayer, For happiness, prosperity, and care. The glow of love, a radiant hue, In haldi’s warmth, both old and new.


In fragrant swirls, traditions bind, Two souls in union, forever entwined. With every stroke, a sacred vow, In mehendi’s embrace, they take their bow.


In vibrant rhythms, dances sway, Celebrating love in every way. With music’s embrace, spirits soar, In sangeet’s magic, forevermore.


In sacred vows, two souls unite, In love’s embrace, their hearts ignite. With every glance, a promise made, In wedding’s glow, their destinies laid.


With tables set and candles lit, In love’s embrace, the world’s submit. For in this gathering, friends and kin, The authenticity of love within

Services We Provide

Budget Management

Food & Beverage






Photography & Videography

Timeline Creation

Design & Decor

Vendor Management

Make Up

Innovation works

Our innovative works include creating stunning setups like an Eiffel Tower replica, a grand Christmas tree, a building illuminated with flag colors, and hosting a unique sleep concert. Vajra Events continually pushes the boundaries to deliver memorable and creative experiences.

Types of Events

Services We Provide

Our expert venue selection services ensure the perfect location for your event.

Seamless logistics management guarantees smooth operations from start to finish.

Exceptional hospitality services provide a warm and welcoming experience for all guests.

Our gourmet catering solutions delight your guests with exquisite culinary experiences.

We create stunning decor to transform spaces into breathtaking settings.

Professional photography services capture every memorable moment with precision.

Top-tier entertainment ensures your event is lively and engaging.

Expert artist management secures the best talent to elevate your event.

Skilled manpower ensures every aspect of your event is expertly handled

We provide high-quality audio-visual management that delivers outstanding sound and visuals for a memorable experience.

Spectacular special effects create unforgettable experiences with cutting-edge technology.

Obtaining all necessary licences ensures your event complies with legal requirements.


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