“The first rule for choosing vendors is to avoid those who talk budget and not the event. We take your ideas and make them work” – Arun Tadaka

Weddings in India are not a small gathering with family members and close circle of friends like it is in most of the other parts of the world. Indian Wedding Traditions demands a great deal of importance, putting in more appeal, sophistication and grace to the wedding ceremony. No doubt, Traditions of Indian weddings are a lengthy list of rituals and ceremonies however in spite of all these they somehow come out to be fully enjoyable till the last moment of the wedding and if you are looking your wedding to be a complete traditional wedding then Vajra Events and management is the name which can help you in organizing your special day in a traditional way.

Our wedding organizers are a team of skillful people who are not only going to make your day as exactly as you have pictured about it but at the same time they will take care of everything as they are your family members.

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